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The Sleeping Wizard

by Umbría

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wack_jilliams Great soundtrack for mixing ritualistic psychedelic potions and communing with the primordial powers and mysteries of nature. Favorite track: Mystic Fungus Potion Fermentation.
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Grackle Umbria's music sets you on edge in such an interesting way. Feels like being tugged through the woods in a near-sprint. Hauntingly beautiful in parts, utterly whimsical in others. Such a great album. Favorite track: Last Night Awake.
Dave Aftandilian
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Dave Aftandilian Incredibly imaginative and evocative; truly takes the listener on a journey. Also shows an impressive variety of musical styles across the tracks, choosing the best to express each concept. Great use of brief descriptive “lyrics” to gently guide the listener’s imagination. Overall the feel is peaceful and mysterious, with a healthy dose of humor tossed in for good measure.
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The rustling of branches breaks the silence of the forest. The wind raises trails of leaves in dancing circles, as the thick roots start to slither. The wooden chrysalis slowly opens as a blooming lotus, unfolding the figure of a woman. The sleeping wizard awakens.
The wizard walks the forest. She recognises the faces of the trees, and the trees smile her back. She also recall the others, her mortals friends. Soon she realises that any of them is any longer alive. Only the trees will remember her face.
The Path of the Fae Knight crosses the entire width of the forest. Travellers gave this path it name based on the rumors of a mysterious horseman that guards it from intruders.
The wizard hears the dying steps of a walker approaching her hut. She opens the door to find an exhausted wanderer lying on the frozen grass. The wizard drags the man to the hut, lights a fire and starts preparing a healing salve. The wanderer briefly awakens, but the wizard puts him back to sleep with a simple look.
Eku is an elemental spirit, a living flame moving and jumping from tree to tree in a childish and frenzied dance. Nima is a celestial spirit, a lunar reflection that appears on the surface of the lake moving across the calm water in a gracious dance. Some rare nights, Eku and Nima come across each other at the shore. Eku is mesmerised by Nima's grace, while Nima is fascinated by Eku's chaotic moves. And, when the two start dancing together, the whole forest stop to watch.
A stone crypt, hidden among the vegetation. It tunnels descend in a labyrinth of moudly stairs, damp roots and ancient runes. And, at the end of it, the reason: the tomb. Immersed in an eternal dream, her twin sibling lies on a bed of stone and hair. Nor alive, neither dead, the everlasting spell remains unbroken.
This extremely rare and complex recipe, found among the manuscripts of an abandoned monastery, takes decades to properly ferment. It is said that it only scent might put a man to sleep for a whole year.
As winter arrives, the whole forest is invaded by an icy wind, becoming covered by a thick mantle of white snow and crystalline silence. Is this freezing landscape that brings back the warmest memories of the wizard's childhood.
The cycle comes to an end. During the last vigil, the wizard sits under the firmament to meditate.
Brambles, leaves and roots open again to form a vegetal bed. The wizard lies on it, and the forest slowly closes it hug around her. Her eyes close and, once again, the centenary slumber begins.


Among the biggest trees, where the branches cover the entirely of the sunlight and the forest gets dark as a tomb, a wizard slumbers a hundred years sleep. Her bed is weaved with brambles, leaves and roots, surrounding her as a chrysalis, protecting her from the eyesight of time.


released March 25, 2020

Dedicated to Yeray: keeper of the gates to Faerie, unmerciful dungeon master, storyteller and unequalled elder brother.

Special thanks to Immateriæ, Castle Zagyx, Niair de Nasqda and the rest of evil inquisitors from Tenebrario, to Gondolin Records, Joan Llopis, Loïc, Necrocachot, Arsule, Dame Silú de Mordomoire, Tarkin Turfer and every other hero supporting the DS scene.

Written, mixed and mastered by Umbría.
Cover art by Joan Llopis Doménech: www.facebook.com/joanllopisdomenechillustrations/


all rights reserved



Umbría Spain

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